Frequently Asked Questions

When can I rent a kayak?

Middle Creek Lake allows boating from dawn to dusk May 16-September 14. Speedwell Forge Lake allows boating year round, even at night. However, you can rent all year round, if you want to pick up your kayak and take it to the place of your choice

What hours are you open?

We are open Monday- Saturday. Our delivery times to Middle Creek Lake are: 

Monday- Saturday 9, 11, 1, 3, 5 and 7


For groups of 8 or more kayaks, we will accommodate your requested time.

What does my rental include?

Kayak, paddle, PFD (personal flotation device), whistle and delivery service to lake.

How do I reserve?  

Call 717-419-0114. 24 hours advance notice is preferred but not mandatory. You can also email, or fill out the form below. 

How do I pay?

All kayak rentals must be paid for in advance. We take credit card over the phone. You can pre pay by dropping off cash/check at our location: 190 Project Drive Denver, PA 17517. We will take checks from locals with phone number and PA driver’s license. We will not take any money at the lake.

Do you shuttle people?

No, we meet you at the Middle Creek Lake Lot (Red Rock Picnic Area and Boat Launch) and have your kayaks at the edge of the water ready for you to launch. Use “Middle Creek Lake Lot, Denver, PA 17517” for gps directions using google maps. You will easily find our truck there at the                                                                         pre-arranged time of your reservation.

I have a truck and trailer. Can I self carry?

Absolutely and we’ll give you a 20% discount. We do not permit carrying on top of cars unless you have a car carrier specifically designed for transporting kayaks.

How old must I be to rent a kayak?


How old must I be to kayak solo?  

We recommend 8 years old. Under 8 can ride in a tandem with someone over 18. Parents of children over age 8: you know your child’s physical strength, decision making ability, and maturity level better than anyone else. Keep in mind that you want someone’s first experience on the water to be positive, so they will want to do it again. Use wisdom in knowing if your child is ready to be in a kayak alone.

Are there weight limits?

We strictly adhere to manufacture labels that indicate solo weight limits of 325 lbs in the frenzy and 350 lbs in the scrambler. The tandem limit  for the Malibu Two XL is 500 lbs. Tandems work best when the weights of the individuals vary no more than 50 pounds. We will be asking you when you reserve about the approximate weight/height of those who will be kayaking in your group so that we can properly outfit you with appropriate kayak and vest.

How should I dress?

Wear something you wouldn’t mind getting a little wet. In the heat of the summer, some people prefer to wear a bathing suit. Flip flops are the best for your feet in the heat, so you can take them off as soon as you get in the kayak. Please note that getting into the kayak may require you to be in standing water at the edge of the lake. Of course, you can TRY to carefully maneuver yourself to get it and push off without getting your shoes (if you wear them) wet, but be forewarned that when it comes to boating, sometimes the best made plans don’t always work out. 

I can swim. Must I wear my PFD?

YES if you are 12 or under. PA state law. Please note, we also require ANY age kayakers to wear a US Coast Guard approved PFD, which we provide. You will need to sign a waiver indicating that you will wear your PFD at all times while kayaking before you gain access to your kayak. We will have waivers to sign when we meet you, but you may print them out ahead of time and bring with you. You can view and/or print the waiver below.

I can’t swim. Can I still kayak?

We strongly discourage anyone from going out on a kayak if they can’t swim, but there is no law against it. The water is deep. You will sign a waiver prior to renting indicating that we are not liable if an accident is to occur.

What if I fall off?  

You must grab the kayak and get back back on! For this reason, you need some level of physical fitness to kayak. There is no swimming permitted at Middle Creek Reservoir. However, our kayaks are designed as recreational kayaks and are quite difficult to flip. You don’t need to worry about falling off unless you are intentionally trying to do so.

You must put in at the Red Rock picnic and boat launch area at the Middle Creek Lake Lot off of Millstone Road. The buoys on the lake are your boundaries. Do not go past these! There is a slow flowing dam at the one end of the lake but the buoys are easy to see and well planned to keep you away from the current.

Can I go anywhere on the lake to kayak?

Do you allow pets?

Yes, you may take your pet with you in your tandem kayak which has 2 seats and a small place for a pet. Solos cannot accommodate pets.

Can I take my toddler kayaking in a tandem?

You can, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Toddlers are still learning about their world and sometimes impulsive. Unless you want to be rescuing your wet child and trying to get them and yourself both back in the kayak, then we would suggest you wait until they are at least 5 to take them for a nice boat ride. They (and you) will enjoy it much better then.

what about bad weather?

We want everyone to be safe. Bottom line. Please check the weather yourself. If you decide it’s not safe, just give us 24 hrs notice and we will refund you fully. We do not take cancellations for any other reason. We reserve the right to cancel a reservation due to impending bad weather including thunderstorm warnings, high winds, and heavy rains that would flood the lake. If we cancel, you may reschedule or receive a full refund.

What group discounts do you offer?

Groups that rent 8 or more kayaks and reserve as one reservation 15% off. Self carry, as mentioned before, is 20% off. 

Can I rent for multiple days in a row?

Multiple days (2 or more) would be the 8 hour charge per day with 20% discount off your total reservation.

What brand are your kayaks?

Ocean Kayak

what year are your kayaks?

All brand new in 2018.

Are they registered?

Yes, all of our kayaks are registered in the state of PA and permitted for launch at all PA State Parks & PA Fish & Boat Commission Access Areas.

Is there anything else to do at Middle Creek?

Yes. This is a 6000 acre wildlife management area with so much to do for the outdoor enthusiast. We recommend hiking the many mostly rugged trails. Challenge yourself to the 45 minute climb and descent on the Millstone Trail that includes a beautiful lookout over Lancaster and Lebanon Counties OR take a stroll on the beautifully paved 10 minute trail to Willow Point- the perfect goose watching place in February and March when Middle Creek becomes famous for its 100,000 plus geese migration. It’s a lovely hike though year round. Middle Creek is a bird watching paradise. Bring your binoculars and bird ID book. You will not be disappointed. There is also a visitor’s center to tour and get information. It is one mile from the boat launch. The center is handicapped accessible; has restrooms and vending machines with drinks and snacks; and is open normally Tuesday- Saturday 8-4 and Sundays noon- 5, but click here for the most up to date hours and more information (maps included!) on the visitors center:

What else is nearby?

Refreshing Mountain is 3 miles away and has overnight accommodations in modern cabins with a community pool. Try out their ziplines and obstacle course packages.  

Starlite Camping Resort is across the road from Refreshing and you can camp there.

Fox Meadows Creamery serves ice cream made from milk fresh off their own farm. Visit the Fox family and their thriving café and store.

Lancaster County Marine has an amazing showroom nearby in Akron, PA. Their kayak inventory is vast and they would be delighted to educate you in your kayak purchases.