A little bit about us...

Owner-Operators, Mike & Corinne Denlinger, have lived and loved the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area for the past 17 years; Ever since they moved here from Lancaster in 2002. 

They thrive on being outside in the fresh air and have hiked Middle Creek’s trails, paddled her lake, picnicked on her shores, biked her bike paths, identified her birds, and walked her roads. This is their backyard playground. All 6000 acres of it. Ask them about the yearly geese migration. They purposely crack their windows at night in February and March to fall asleep to the music of geese honking.

Mike runs a free range layer operation as his full time job. Corinne raised their 4 sons and was a substitute teacher while they were growing up. Mitch, a certified public accountant, is married to Brooke, a nurse. Oliver, a youth pastor, is married to Karli, a coffee shop manager and graphic designer. Clark is an excavator and dirt bike mechanic. Tommy is studying engineering at Messiah College. They have 2 adorable grandchildren, Maya and Malachi and another on the way.

Their other interests include agriculture, motocross, team sports and snowmobiling.


Kayaking is great exercise. It’s challenging and does require effort. But so rewarding to row out and look back on shore and take in the beauty of the hills, trees, sky. Hear the birds. Feel the breeze and listen to the lapping of gentle waves on the side of your boat. Your worries melt away. It’s just you, your boat, and all else can wait.